student handbook


Student/Parent Handbook

The Oak Forest Academy Student/Parent Handbook is published by the Administration and Board of Directors and is distributed to the students, parents, faculty, and staff. The purpose of this handbook is to provide helpful and pertinent information concerning all aspects of student life at Oak Forest Academy.

The Administration and Board of Directors try to anticipate as many circumstances as possible. However, if new and/or unusual circumstances arise, the Administration and Board of Directors have the authority to use their discretion in whatever circumstances the handbook may not address. If necessary, the Administration and Board of Directors have the right to amend the handbook when and/or if necessary.

ID Badge Policy

All students in grades 7th-12th, faculty, and staff must wear their own OFA issued ID badge. ID badges must be worn in an upright readable position at chest level or higher on the upper portion of the body. The ID badge must be worn with the name side showing.Wearing of an ID badge on a lanyard is acceptable. ID badges may not be defaced. Items worn on the ID badge cannot limit the proper functioning of the badge for controlled access and Quickway purposes.  ID badges lost during the school year should be reported to school administration immediately for security purposes.  A new ID badge must be purchased at a cost of $15 and will be re-issued within 24 hours.