mission & beliefs

Oak Forest Academy
Oak Forest Academy

Our mission

Oak Forest Academy strives to create a challenging, orderly, safe and supportive learning environment in which all students will be educated and enabled to become accountable, contributing, responsible, and successful citizens.


Our Beliefs

Oak Forest Academy aspires to accomplish our mission through the following beliefs.

  • Academics and student learning are chief priorities.
  • Providing a well-balanced educational program promotes a student’s individual academic success.
  • Creating a disciplined environment promotes student learning.
  • Holding students to high standards encourages better decision-making and strengthens individual morals.
  • Positive relationships and mutual respect between students and faculty enhances a student's learning and self-esteem.
  • Setting short and long term educational goals leads to a lifelong career and/or profession.
  • Enabling students to act and think independently enables them to become active and contributing citizens.