Time to Eat
Time to Eat

Lunch Menu

Daily Offers

Hot Lunch
PK3-3rd grade $4.50
4th-12th grade $5.50

Caesar, Grilled Chicken, Chef Salads
Small $3.75
Large $4.75

Pizza $3.25

If you have a negative balance, please send a lunchbox with your child.



Our software program has an APP for smartphones that is parent friendly and allows 24 hour access for total account activity such as account balances, low account warnings, purchase history, and making payments, including optional automatic payments.  Please register today, if you have not done so. Call or email us in the lunchroom for your student’s ID number.

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Please click the REFRESH button in the right corner to update your APP.  If you have any questions or concerns email us at

Lunchroom email:


‍MyPaymentsPlus is the free app that coincides with Solana with simple to follow instructions.  This app gives you complete access to your student's account. You must initially register on a computer, then download the APP.  You will need each student(s)’ Student ID number to register, as it will no longer be a family account.  You will need to download this app to your smartphone or it can be accessed from any computer.


All credits and balances are always brought forward from the last school year. Each student(s)' account must have a positive balance in order to purchase breakfast, lunch or any items.  The new software will NOT allow a student to go beyond a negative (-)$10.00 balance.  It does NOT allow an override.  You will get low balance warnings on your APP, you will get low balance warning emails, and your student may get low balance warnings in the lunch line.   Should your student's account become greater than a negative (-) $10.00 after these warnings, they will not be allowed to purchase any items in the cafeteria, NO EXCEPTIONS.


Payments can be cash or check and sent to school with your student.  Please send cash in an envelope with the student’s full name and the amount you are sending on the outside of the envelope.  Please make checks payable to QuickWay, also please write the student's name or Student ID number on the check.  Payments may also be made by debit or credit card on your APP, processing fees apply.  

Conduct in the Cafeteria

All students are expected to conduct themselves as they would at home. Each student is responsible for picking up after themselves, this includes plates, cups, napkins, all wrappers, all trash. Any student(s) misbehaving, engaging in horse-play, throwing food, drink, ice, throwing trash on the floor, etc. will be sent directly from the cafeteria to the disciplinarian.  Thank you in advance for explaining these rules to your student(s).